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Geometry Bundle

  • Geometry Complete course kit.
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 DVD Set
Geometry DVD Set (SKU 2210): Videos of course content - Approximately 12 hours of video following the textbook. See samples of these videos below!
Disk 1 - Contains the Geometry Teachers Guide. These are PDF files to be used on your computer. They can be printed as needed. Download a pdf copy of the Teacher's Guide below.
Disk 2 - DVD covers the introduction
Disk 3 - DVD covers chapter 1.1 to 2.6
Disk 4 - DVD covers chapter 3.1 to 5.4
Disk 5 - DVD covers chapter 6.1 to 10.6
Disk 6 - DVD covers chapter 11.1 to 15.7
FREE Homework Help.
Our DVDs come standard with a certified tutor you can contact at any point during your studies. Whether you need help with homework, have a question about the solutions manual, or need something more involved like video tutorials on a specific concept and ideas for at-home activities, all of these features are included, and FREE, for as long as your student --or any of their siblings---are using our dvds.
Geometry by Jacobs textbook ISBN: 0716743612 (SKU 2213): Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding, 3rd Edition, by Harold R. Jacobs. Sample of Jacobs Geometry Chapter 2 Lesson1. See sample of Jacobs Geometry Chapter 7 Lesson 1.

Can I use the second edition textbook in this course?
 Solutions Manual (Homework Problems)
Enhanced Teachers Guide for Geometry by Jacobs ISBN: 0716756072 (SKU 2214)
This is the Homework Solutions Manual. Contains the Solutions to the Homework Problems. (Does NOT include Tests, Test Grading Guide, or Test Solutions. See below)
 Teacher's Guide (Tests, Syllabus, and Answer Keys)
Geometry Printed Teachers Guide, Syllabus, and Tests (paperback) (SKU 2211):
Includes the tests, the test grading guide, and the Syllabus. This book does NOT contain Homework Solutions. (See above). You may download this as PDF here. Geometry Teacher's Guide Download.
 Drawing Kit (Compass, Protractor, etc)
 8 Piece Geometry Set (SKU 2212)
This drawing kit is from the Staedtler company. It is the same drawing tools used by architects and drawing professionals. Includes a compass, protractor, ruler, two triangles, pencil, lead, and an eraser.
TI-30 Calculator is included in the Full Course Bundle.
This calculator is allowed on the ACT.
It can be used throughout your student's academic career and at college.





About Geometry

The course itself is designed to not only teach, but to show, students about Geometry, and where it applies in their lives today. Even a student who may not be a "math person" should be able to navigate this course independently and successfully. Parents who are great at math will find ample opportunity to supplement the course and add creative material, while parents who may not have an extensive math foundation will find their students soundly supported and provided with many resources to succeed and learn Geometry. Wherever you are on the spectrum of learning, we can help. This course is college prep.

Geometry is designed to be taken prior to Algebra 2 with Trigonometry and after Algebra 1.

  • This course contains Algebra reviews at the end of each chapter, so students have a smooth transition between Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 with Trig. They won't forget the concepts!
  • This Geometry course is not proof intensive, meaning that it teaches you logical thought and requires you to give evidence for your answers, but there is not a lot of time spent on meaningless recitation of numbers. 
  • We approach Geometry from a hands-on, real world perspective that is both parent and student-friendly. 
  • This course is college-level. Our syllabus and instructional material are designed to help parents give their students a college level education without overwhelming students or parents. The course can be taken independently when parents need to be more hands-off. We encourage families who intend to use this course as an independent study for their student to take advantage of the FREE Homework Help service where students can ask questions and get help on homework. We provide tutorials, elaborate on the solutions manual, and provide activities, but we will not know students need or want these resources unless they ask--so teach them now how to seek help when they need it (a GREAT collegiate skill to have), by showing them how to ask Homework Help when they have questions.

Product Videos

Geometry Course Sample of The Algebra Review (04:10)
Algebra review as part of the AskDrCallahan Geometry DVD course. Doing periodic algebra reviews during a geometry course is key to building on the material from the previous algebra course.
  • Geometry by As...
    Demo for AskDrCallahan's geometry DVD series. This course is b...
  • AskDrCallahan ...
    Sample of the Geometry course on DVD by AskDrCallahan.
  • Geometry Chapt...
    Geometry samples from the AskDrCallahan DVD series. Course is ...
  • Geometry Sample
    Sample from the DVD series on Geometry from AskDrCallahan. BAs...
  • Geometry Cours...
    Algebra review as part of the AskDrCallahan Geometry DVD cours...

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Product Reviews

  1. Makes Geometry Understandable

    Posted by MomMc on 2nd Oct 2012

    Although Dr. Callahan is straightforward and teaches without theatrics, he makes the geometry come alive and make sense for the student learning at home on his own. There are some cheezy skits that probably were intended to make it "fun" but only take away from the level of instruction Dr. Callahan is giving. My son enjoys the DVD and the discovery method of Jacobs Geometry. He is doing great all on his own and that helps this Geometry-phobic mom happy!

  2. Loving it!

    Posted by Mrs. B on 4th Apr 2012

    My 16 year old son is breezing right through this curriculum and enjoying it too! I am so glad! As a mother of 11 (with #12 on the way), and home schooling all my children, I am really grateful to have Dr. Callahan do the explaining of Math at the higher levels! What a relief! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. A hit with my Right Brained child!

    Posted by Kim in NJ on 23rd Nov 2011

    As Mark from MN indicated... this curriculum seems to be more geared toward the creative, intuitive types.. and I for one am THRILLED!! Like Mark - I am a left brained Systems Analyst who struggled to understand why my daughter could not understand the Saxon methods through Algebra. But as she struggled and I tried to help I realized it was a clash in our learning/teaching styles. With this Geometry curriculum she has a 94% average on her tests and I don't think she has asked me more than 10 questions all year so far. (she used to ask me 10 Saxon questions daily.) I see her holding her Geometry book at angles for perspective. Using Toothpicks to illustrate an example in the book. More than 75% of the time I DON'T see what she is seeing - or understanding!!! But SHE DOES! this is where Homeschooling is such a blessing!! As her teacher I can't teach nor learn the way she does for this subject and if she was in a PS - she would probably have a left brained teacher like ME! But THANK YOU Dr. Callahan for putting together this curriculum. No more math tears in our home! :) :)

  4. We Love AskDrCallahan

    Posted by Tammy on 3rd Nov 2011

    We are just finishing our second year using AskDrCallahan curriculum and we love it. We homeschool our son and originally used Saxon Algebra I. My son got an A for the year, but he HATED algebra. I made the decision to do Algebra I again, using AskDrCallahan Algebra I. He loved it! It made sense to him and he could see how he would be able to use it to solve everyday problems. AskDrCallahan explains how algebra is used in the real world. It is broken down and illustrated step-by-step in clear language. There is no unnecessary information or fluff. We're finishing up with Geometry, and we've already ordered the Algebra II set. My son likes doing his math now, and his ACT scores reflect that!

  5. Disappointed Homeschooler

    Posted by Mark from Minnesota on 20th Sep 2011

    After reading many 5 star reviews on the net we were excited to try this geometry curriculum for our 16 year old son.

    He really struggled with this curriculum. As I tried to help him with the problems at times I did not know what they were looking for as the questions were not always clear and I had to look at the solutions manual first (I have an engineering degree - so it's not like I am math illiterate). My son also complained that the book did not have many examples (I agree) and he really begged for something different.

    I do believe that for some creative / advanced math students this is a wonderful curriculum (so if you have an advanced / creative child don't let my review scare you off). But if your child is more average in math and needs things spelled out clearly I would say keep looking. We wish we did, we ended up going to plan B before the year was over because it just was not working.

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