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What IS Homework Help?

What Homework Help is all about:

Even greatly written textbooks may not always answer every question that arises. Sometimes you even have questions about what happened inside an example problem. For all of the "please help me understand this" moments that can happen during the study of a math course, Homework Help is here to, well, help.

The most important part of a solid math education is that students understand the concepts behind what they are learning. At AskDrCallahan, one of our greatest passsions is bridging the gap between textbook knowledge and real understanding. With Homework Help we are seeking to provide the resources for parents and students to be able to teach and learn math in a way that is relevant and fun. Math doesn't have to be boring, and parents do not have to be experts. 

Homework Help provides a 24-hour tutor that is on call to answer any and all of your student’s questions while they are taking their math course. Students (and parents!) simply send us an email, and we are here to help for the entire duration of your course study. Whether you have questions about how to work a problem, how to grade a test, or even if you are not sure whether to count the answer right or not, we are here to help. The only requirement is that you be using our math course, there is no limit to how long you can use the Homework Help service, and you may pass it along to your siblings and friends as well--all completely free. 

But we don't stop there. 

adcguyprof3.jpgHomework Help also includes:

  • Free pdf downloads of homework problems
  • Activity Suggestions by concept
  • Resource links
  • Printable activity plans
  • Sample videos
  • Supplemental lesson plans
  • Calculator Guides
  • ACT/SAT study tips
  • Resource links
  • ...and more.       

And we provide these services to all of our customers, all completely free and within 24 hours. We never leave you waiting on a response from us. We are here to help keep you moving forward.

Click here to get started.

Using something other than AskDrCallahan for your homeschool math course? You can still get Homework Help for only $98/year. Ask Us How