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Geometry or Algebra II withTrig First?

Question from Melissa:

I am trying to decide which course to do first?  My son is finishing 8th grade this year and has completed Alg 1.  As a freshman, he would need either Geometry or Alg/Trig.  Is there a preferred sequence?  Would the sequence matter for the SAT or ACT?

Answer from Dr. Callahan:

We usually recommend Geometry first. The book is still at high school level (mostly), has a lot of Algebra review, and introduces the student to Trig.

The Algebra II with Trig (Barnett text we use) is actually a college book and a bit more intense.

As for the SAT/ACT, you will see both Geometry concepts and Algebra II concepts on the tests. The ACT has a small amount of Trig (actually what is done in Geometry gets you there)

So what we would do it this:

1. Take Geometry first.

2.Same time get prepared for or take the ACT/SAT. We would recommend a coach for this if you can because they can really help prepare and push up the score. Note we have a partner Higher Score Test Prep who helps in this and offers our customers a discount.

3. Then I would evaluate the ACT/SAT with respect to content and work on improving it while moving into Algebra II with Trig.

Also, you might see this article on scope and sequence for the college bound.

Hope this helps