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Calculus Readiness

Question from Alyanya:

I am looking for a math course for my daughter who just finished her sophomore year of high school. She received a 97 in  Algebra 2 Pre-AP and was planning on taking  Pre-Calculus Pre-AP next year.  However we have decided to home school next year because of our travel schedule, so I’m looking for a course for her.  I noticed that you don’t have a separate Pre-Calculus class.  In your opinion would it be ok for her to go straight to the Calculus class?  She’s a very strong student, but I wouldn’t want her to take something that she is not prepared for.
Any input would be appreciated.


Answer from Dr. Callahan:

My guess is she would be OK as long as she has had some trig. 
I would first have her go to out online textbook
and take the chapter quizzes of each chapter, 1-8. 
This will show any weak spots. If she has any, a quick study of those sections should help her get ready. 

Hope this helps.