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Algebra 1 Negative Numbers and Parenthesis

Question from Blake:

Can you help me see why parenthesis and negative numbers matter together?

Answer from Cassidy:

Blake, I’ve made you a comparison problem to hopefully show why parenthesis matter with negative numbers.

Jacob's Algebra 1 Homeschool Math
Negative Numbers and Why Parenthesis Matter

Can you see that in 1) the negative sign is NOT squared leaving the answer negative, while in 2) the negative sign is included in the square as everything inside is squared, leaving the answer positive.

Hope this helps.

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Algebra 1 Solutions Manual

Question from Victoria:

Harold Jacobs Elem. Algebra…is the online Teacher’s Guide suppose to have the answers to what’s in the Elm. Alg. book?

Answer from Dr. Callahan:

You need the “Solutions Manual for Elementary Algebra” by Harold Jacobs with Cassidy Cash. You can find that here:

Algebra 1 Solutions Manual Homeschool Math
Algebra 1 Solutions Manual Homeschool Math

Hope this helps,


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Algebra 1 Multiple Productions of DVDs?

Question from Chelle:

About the Algebra DVD’s…. Has there been multiple productions? I’m thinking about purchasing from a friend and wanted to make sure I got the most current edition. Thanks!

Answer from Dr. Callahan:

Only one production, so you should be fine. The only thing that changes a lot is the teachers guide, so go to to download the latest update of the teachers guide.  Homeschool Math DVD Algebra 1

Also, if it is very old version, we have changed to solutions manual. Should look like this

Homeschool Math DVD Algebra 1 Solutions Manual