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Geometry 10.2 Set III #4

Kerry wrote:
For Ch. 10, Lesson 2, Set III number 4 asks for rectangles with a ratio of 3/4.  The key says there are 4 rectangles that have dimensions of 1.5×2.  ABHG is correct, but the other three rectangles seem to be wrong.  The key lists BDJI (which doesn’t even make a rectangle), CEKI (which is a 1.5×3 rectangle), and DFLJ (which is also a 1.5×3 rectangle). Can you confirm the correct rectangles are ABHG, CDJI, and EFLK? I know it seems obvious, but just want to make sure I’m not missing something here.
Dr. Callahan Wrote:
You are correct. This looks like a typo. The original solutions manual (titled “Enhanced Teacher’s Guide for Geometry – ISBN: 978-0716756071) had it correct. I have noticed a few places that the answers in the newer solutions manual have typos.
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Geometry Ch10.R #14


Question from Rene: 

Geometry – Chapter 10 Review #14 answer book says x=12.8, but we get x=5. What do you think?

Answer from Dr. Callahan:

Yes – a bit deceptive here. I think yours is reasonable.

However, he is going by this. The long side of each is X and 8 so you get

x/8 = 8/5

x = 12.8

The main thing is to never trust the image to be to scale. But, give the information, it could be either way. So let me change the solution to be

x = 5 or x = 12.8

Hope this helps,