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Algebra II with Trig Course Length

Question from Kathyrn:

It appears the DVD and Guides only go through Chapter 8. Is this correct? If so, are there plans for going through the entire book with DVD and Guides?

Answer from Dr. Callahan:

Yes, it goes only through chapter 8.

We have no schedule for doing more, but it is planned. However, you do not need them to move onto calculus.

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Why McGraw-Hill Over Prentice Hall for Algebra II with Trigonometry?

Question from Kathryn: 

Is there a reason why you use McGraw-Hill over the Prentice Hall Algebra II & Trigonometry? We’re coming from Jacobs Algebra I & Geometry and I want to keep the same teaching style for my son.

Answer from Dr. Callahan:

Our view on textbooks is not to keep the same teaching style, but instead to prepare students for college and life. Therefore, our goal was to find popular college level textbooks. See
for more information on this thought.

While I am sure that having the same teaching style over and over is great for short term learning – it actually limits the students ability in the long term.

Hope this helps.


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Ready for Algebra II with Trig after Geometry?

Question from Diane:

My son is using your Geometry course and is doing very well. Geometry seems to be an easier subject for him than Algebra was. I want to use the next course, Algebra 2 with Trig, but I am concerned because he had a difficult time with Algebra 1 (even with the dvd’s). What do you suggest?

Answer from Dr. Callahan:

Put extra focus on those algebra reviews in the geometry book. If he struggles with some of them, take time to review the subject. He is getting more algebra than you think doing geometry anyway – but that review should help lock it in. I might have him go back and do a final test (again) in algebra when he completes geometry to see if he is still weak in areas. It would be worth it spending time reviewing algebra again after geometry if he has not gotten it yet. When done – let us know how it looks and we can suggest some specifics.