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Will Calculus Be Too Difficult For Me To Teach?

Question from Donna:

But I’m wondering if calculus will be too difficult for me to teach. Trig was a bit of a challenge for me, just wondering what your ideas were. Thanks

Answer from Cassidy Cash:

Calculus is designed to be mostly self-taught on the part of the student. The parent might come in and assist in grading, or provide accountability for homework, etc, but students at this level should be able to not only teach themselves using the dvds and the textbook, but they are more than capable of finding the answers to problems they don’t understand.

Calculus Homeschool Math
Calculus Homeschool Math

Also, not only do they have Homework Help as a resource, but we are actually expecting Calculus 1 students to be proactive at this level about asking questions and seeking help when they need it. (some students even do internet and library searches to find answers–which is great. Considering the next step for most students after this course is to take a college course, this is definitely the time to be learning how to be proactive about their own education. Being able to find answers outside the textbook is an excellent place to be)

To sum up, I would say not to worry about it. If your student ever arrives at a problem or concept that they cannot figure out from the materials they have available to them, we are here to help them. And we are here to help you as well. If you have questions about anything related to teaching this course, we will assist you as well. 🙂 I think you will do just fine 🙂

And we are here to help whenever you need.