DVD Issues

Master Books DVDs 

Some of our DVDs are published by us, but recently our Algebra and Geometry DVs have been published by Master Books. If they are, you need to contact them at https://www.masterbooks.com/contact  (You can tell if the DVD case says Master Books at the bottom left of the back cover)

AskDrCallahan DVDs

> DVD will not play: 

If you have a DVD that does not play, please do the following:

  • Try the DVD in another player and see if it works. If so and you need to troubleshoot your issue, please let us know.
  • If you are trying to play your DVD on Windows 8, see this link.

If the DVD still does not play we will send you a new one.

  • First, check your whole set making sure they play and have the correct content on them.
  • Email us at support@askdrcallahan.com with:
    1. Course Name
    2. Specific DVD(s) which are not working properly
    3. Color of the DVD (white or silver)

Sorry for any trouble – but by adding this fast order process we get you moving again ASAP.

> Lost or Damaged DVD

From time to time we have customers who have lost a DVD for various life issues:

  • We gave away the old DVD player with the DVD in it.
  • My kids used the DVD as a frisbee.
  • My dog chewed up the DVD.
  • We just cannot find it. No excuses.

For those cases, you can order a new individual DVD at this link. Be sure to include

  • Course name
  • Chapter and lessons
  • Color of the DVD (Silver or White)

* Note, we are moving away from DVDs so we might not have them in stock.


> An Alternative to DVDs

DVD’s are a dying breed. If you would like a better solution, check out our online classes that stream the content. We understand this does not work for everyone.