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Geometry Ch2.2 #30

Question from Amy:

For Question 30 on page 49 in the text regarding dry ice and carbon dixodide. Why is dry ice is a and carbon dixoide b. I kept getting the reverse answer compared to the answer key. It has stumped both my parents. Thanks.

Answer from Cassidy Cash:

According to page 47, “a” represents the word being defined, and “b” represents the definition. In number 30 on page 49, dry ice is the word being defined, and frozen carbon dioxide is the definition. Since both statements are true, you are learning what they say on page 47, that “if both a statement and its converse are true, we can write “a if b” and “a only if b” or, more briefly, “a if and only if b” The “a if b” and “a only if b” are given to you as numbers 1) and 2) on page 49. Number 30 is where you write out the “a if and only if b”

Does that make sense? I hope this helps.

God Bless, Cassidy Cash