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How Long to Finish Geometry Course?

Question from Mom:

We are wrapping up Alg. 1 and are ready to open up Geometry w/ Ask Dr. Callahan DVDs. We are, um, a bit behind schedule and I am wondering if this is a text that must be completed to the end or if there is a good chapter cut-off where we can call it good. (For example, are the last chapters for AP students?) Thanks! The Mom

Answer from Dr. Callahan:

Our Geometry syllabus is setup for one year, but many do complete in one semester. But the wonderful thing about homeschool is that you get to pace as you need.

In the syllabus we do skip some sections that are not needed for the ACT and other courses. I would just ploy into the course since you will realize there is not as much material here as it might seem at first glance. If it does take you longer than one semester – just carry it through. At least – that is what we would do in our home:)