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Is Jacob’s Algebra 1 Equivalent to College Algebra 1?

Question from Terrie:

I have a son using Algebra 1 with the dvd set and I am trying to determine if it is equal to a college Algebra 1? Or, would it take completion of algebra 1 and 2 to equal college algebra 1? Thanks for the help!

Answer from Dr. Callahan:

College algebra usually means Algebra II. So in your case, it would be both the Algebra 1 and 2.

2 thoughts on “Is Jacob’s Algebra 1 Equivalent to College Algebra 1?

  1. Dr. Callahan, if I understand correctly Jacobs Alg 1 and Geometry is for 9th grade according to their website. What material do you recommend for Alg 2/Calc series? How do homeschool students earn credits for the successful completion of Alg1&2, Calc? Thank you.

    1. The particular grades tend to be arbitrary but most do around 9-10 grade for algebra and geometry. For Algebra 2 with Trig and Calculus we provide these courses:

      – Algebra 2 with Trig –
      – Calculus –

      In terms of earning credit — most customers are homeschoolers and they (the parent) provides the credit when the course is completed. Those used in a public or private school setting make arrangements with the school first to determine how credit is applied. While our courses provide online video to teach the material – we do not do the grading and administration. That is up to the teacher and/or parent.

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