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MIT Makes videos for K-12 Students, and they are kind of awesome. (plus, unicorns!)

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When I find great resources, I like to share them on the blog for parents and educators who might be looking for just that tool. I do not have any professional affiliation with this product, I just like it, and I want to share with you things that will help make your education experience the best it can be, with hopefully the least amount of obstacles for you.

That’s why, today, I want to tell you about MITK12Videos. That’s a kind of clunky name, but basically students at MIT put together videos on youtube that demonstrate common topics covered in subjects like math, physics, chemistry, and more. They share these videos on their youtube channel and, as the name says, they target K-12 students. Again, I like these and plan to use them myself so I’m sharing them in case you can use them, too. I have no affiliation with these so I’m not making any money off this share, I’m just telling you it’s awesome.

I shared one of their videos today on the Facebook page for our homeschool coop ( We plan to use some of these videos in our class content this Fall. I also found one where an MIT Biologist talks about genetically engineering a unicorn. Because what high schooler doesn’t want to learn about that?? (or, you know, a 30-something lifestyle entrepreneur in my case.) I mean, UNICORNS.

Rainbow unicorn (I may or may not have been way into My Little Pony as a kid.)

What is the #1 subject for your family that you seek out the most help with? For our students, they always want more real world examples for math class. Share your #1 hardest subject in the comments below and check out these videos for resources you can use in the classroom.

Have Fun Learning,

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