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Student Homework Help


Need help with your course? Questions about how to work problems? Need more details than the Solutions Manual shows?  Maybe you found possible errors in the books? You are in the right place.

When you send in your question, you might receive advice and/or direction, an explanation, a more detailed step-by-step solution to your problem, or an explanation with a marked-up diagram. Other times, we might ask you to send us a photo of your work so we can better see what went wrong or where you are struggling.

Sometimes you just need a little help. Sometimes you need a lot of help. Either way, we love to help. We will correspond with you until we get it figured out.
You or your student can email us at support@askdrcallahan.com with your homework questions.  This service comes included with all AskDrCallahan video instruction courses and our New Personal Economics download course.

Be sure to include in your email
1) Course Name
2) Chapter Number
3) Lesson Number
4) Problem Number
5) Description of your struggle

We strive to respond the same day or at the most within 24 hours. Except on Sunday. Question sent late on Saturday or anytime Sunday will be answered on Monday.

Email is the preferred and fastest way to get your questions answered. However, you can also ask us questions on our Facebook page. Please, like our page when you visit!