Need help with math? Contact Support Here.


Sometimes math is tough and you need some help. (Even with awesome curriculum).

That’s why AskDrCallahan offers unprecedented support to the parents and students using our products. You won’t find this level of care and access to on call educators anywhere else. No matter if you bought your products directly from us, a vendor, or even your friend and neighbor– if you’re using an AskDrCallahan product, you automatically have free and unlimited access to a team of engineers, math tutors, educators, and college professors ready to help you navigate high school math.

Let us be the math cavalry you call in when the textbook explanation doesn’t make sense, or you tried the problem but didn’t get the right answer, or maybe you think you’ve found an error in the solutions manual? Whenever you are frustrated and you need help with math, we’re here for you.

Send us an email to from the email address you want us to use when we reply. Within 24 hours, we will send you a response to help you. If you would like a video tutorial, a live video conference call with a teacher, or some help locating supplemental material for your course, please ask us about that. We have been doing this for a while (over 20 years) and most of the time, we can craft a stellar email that gets the job done (often with diagrams!). However, there are some problems that are just better suited to a video or a live chat. If you want to setup one of those options, please mention that in your email.  (Note that email responses are always completed in 24 hours, with exception of Sundays when we are closed. For video tutorials and conference calls, it may take longer than 24 hours to coordinate. Contact us to set that up, and we will make it happen as fast as possible.) 

You will always get a reply from us within 24 hours because the last thing we want is to leave you sitting there frustrated. We want you to move forward. We believe in you! We know you can do it, and we want to help.

What to include in your email:

  1. Your name. (We need to know what to call you, after all.)
  2. The chapter, lesson, and problem number you need help with.
    This goes for tests, quizzes, and page numbers as well. We teach well over 1,000 pages of material here at AskDrCallahan, so we’re going to need you to help us get back to you as fast as possible by including a reference to
    exactly the problem you’re needing us to look at for you.
  3. If you’ve already tried the problem but are having trouble, describe your issue and if you have it, include a screenshot of your work. Often, we are able to tell what went wrong by looking at your work.
You can also ask us questions on our Facebook page.
There’s no hidden charges for this service. There’s no membership requirement, or sales pitch to endure. We are teachers, professors, and homeschool educators. We built these courses to help you succeed in math and we stand behind them–literally.

Whenever you need help, we consider it our privilege to offer our assistance. It’s all part of why we do what we do.

Thank you for being a part of the AskDrCallahan family, and we look forward to help your students learn these subjects just like we helped our children.