Required to take the course (4 Items Total)

#1 Algebra Videos: Videos of course content – Approximately 6 hours of video following Elementary Algebra by Harold Jacobs. Our videos cover the entire Elementary Algebra textbook.

#2 Elementary Algebra by Jacobs Textbook: Elementary Algebra, by Harold R. Jacobs, Revised Edition. ISBN:978-0890519851.  Older printings of the original book with ISBN: 0716710471. All editions work with our videos.

Note: All previous printings of the original text are the same and compatible with the DVD as is the current Revised Edition. So do not worry about any dates.

#3 Elementary Algebra (Teacher Guide by Jacobs): Contains the SET III problems you need for the course. This Elementary Algebra (Teacher Guide) contains materials for use with the Elementary Algebra. ISBN: NOTE: if you have an older copy of the book (ISBN: 0716710471) you will NOT need this Teacher Guide.

#4 Solutions Manual for Elementary Algebra by Jacobs:  Solutions Manual for Elementary Algebra by Harold Jacobs, Revised Edition. (ISBN-13:978-0-89051-987-5)  Solutions manual to accompany Harold Jacob’s Elementary Algebra textbook, Revised Edition. This manual includes full solutions to all problems in the textbook. Detailed answers are given except where the answer is obvious. On the rare occasion that your student (or you) does not understand how the solution was found, we will help you via our support. See a sample of the first 2 chapters of the Jacobs Solution Manual.

Other Items for Algebra

Scientific CalculatorWe typically use a TI-30, but we sometimes substitute with an equivalent such as a Casio. This calculator is allowed on the ACT. It can be used throughout your student’s academic career and at college.

Teacher’s Guide by AskDrCallahan: The AskDrCallahan Algebra Teacher’s Guide is a PDF download:

  • test grading guide
  • syllabus

Downloadable Version of the Algebra Teacher’s Guide by AskDrCallahan

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