Required for this course


Algebra II with Trig DVDs: Videos of course content – Approximately 14 hours of video following the textbook. Includes the tests, the test grading guide, and the Syllabus. If you are using the DVD, the following provides the disk layout.

  • Disk 1 – Contains the Teachers Guide and the Solutions to Selected Problems. The Solutions to Selected Problems provides solutions to all the problems we have assigned on our syllabus which are not clearly answered in the back of the textbook. Both documents are PDF files to be used on your computer. They can be printed as needed. The same files can be downloaded at the links below.
  • Disk 2 – DVD covering the introduction to chapter 1.7
  • Disk 3 – DVD covering chapter 2.1 to 2.8
  • Disk 4 – DVD covering chapter 3.1 to 4.2
  • Disk 5 – DVD covering chapter 4.3 to 5.5
  • Disk 6 – DVD covering chapter 6.1 to 6.9
  • Disk 7 – DVD covering chapter 7.1 to 7.5
  • Disk 8 – DVD covering chapter 8.1 to 8.7


College Algebra with Trigonometry, Seventh Edition (USED): College Algebra textbook that is used on many college campuses. ISBN: 0072368691. We carry this book used only because of the high price of college textbooks. But other options to obtain the textbook below.

  • Download the text for FREE. The entire book is online – click the student center for access. The text is viewable and printable in full color. Also has an online quiz for each chapter. An excellent resource from the publisher. However, we have found that the links do not always work – so if you go this option we recommend you download the book as you go.
  • Buy your own used text. Search the web and buy the book and solutions manual yourself. Be careful to get the text with ISBN: 0072368691 (We price our used textbook copies at $80.)

Solutions Manual

Student’s Solutions Manual to accompany College Algebra with Trigonometry (USED): Solutions manual to accompany the textbook. Like the textbook you can purchase used at Amazon with this link ISBN: 0072427361.

Teacher’s Guide /  Syllabus / Tests

Printed Teacher’s Guide with Syllabus: This is a pdf download containing,

  • course information
  • syllabus with assigned problems
  • tests
  • test grading guides

The Teacher’s Guide is included with your Online Course.  If you are doing the course with the books only, you will want to purchase this guide for the assigned problems and tests.

Downloadable Version of the Algebra 2 with Trig Teacher’s Guide.

Solutions to Selected Problems

Solutions to Selected Problems: We no longer offer this as a printed version. This pdf is included with your Online Course.  Do not purchase if you have the Online course because you have it already inside the course. However, if you are doing the course with the books only, you will greatly benefit from these Solutions to Selected Problems.  While not all problems are worked – this set of solutions could be used instead of purchasing the solutions manual above. Problems worked in this pdf are the ones assigned in the AskDrCallahan Teacher’s guide above.

Resources You Will Need

Graphing Calculator: This course will require the use of a graphic calculator. Two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Use a standard TI-30 or other scientific calculator (much cheaper) and do graphing online with tools such as Wolfram. The downside is that you cannot take Wolfram into the ACT/SAT or other exams.
  2. Buy a TI-84 Plus CE (or TI-84 Plus to save a few bucks). One of the top rated calculators for graphing and is allowed on all standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, and AP exams.

Common Questions

  • What if my student has taken Algebra 2 from another curriculum? Where do I start? 
    If your student has already taken Algebra 2, but has not had Trig–this course bundle is still the one for you. We have added a guide to our syllabus that walks you through how to take this course as just a trigonometry course. Download the Teachers Guide that contains these instructions below.
  • What about a pre-calculus course?
    Basically pre-calculus is the same as algebra II with trig. A good pre-calculus course will take a student through graphing, functions, polynomials, exponentials, and trig. These are the same subjects covered in Algebra II with Trig. If you look at the textbooks in both subjects, they are basically identical except for a few minor details and arrangement. So call it what you will, they both prepare a student to take calculus and do well on college entrance exams.