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Solutions Manual for use with Algebra 1 – Everything You Need. Includes full solutions to problem sets I, II, III (set III exercises included in Elementary Algebra Teacher Guide), & IV and final reviews.

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Math Designed for Understanding

Jacobs’ Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1) utilizes a clear, conversational, engaging approach to teach your student Algebra through practical, real-life application! Jacobs’ guides your student through Algebra, enabling them to discover concepts for themselves and develop a deep understanding of their practical application.

Solutions Manual

Elementary Algebra Solutions Manual expands your student’s understanding of key processes and provides full solutions to set I, II, III, & IV exercises to show the relationship of core concepts and algebraic formulas.

Elementary Algebra Solutions Manual Contains:

  • Full Solutions to problem sets I, II, III, & IV
  • Solutions to final review sections

Required to take the course you will also need:

Homeschool High School Algebra 1 by Harold JacobsTextbook

Elementary Algebra Student Textbook: This student text is part of our best-selling Algebra curriculum pack, Jacobs’ Elementary Algebra.

  • Full Color Illustrations
  • 17 sections, covering functions and graphs, integers, rational numbers, exponents, polynomials, factoring, fractions, and more.
  • Set II exercise solutions provided in back of text
  • Flexible based on focus & intensity of the course
  • Set I exercises review ideas & concepts from previous lessons to provide ongoing application of material.
  • Set II exercises allow student to apply material from the new lesson
  • Set III exercises (provided in Teacher’s Guide) provide critical practice for material learned in the new lesson
  • Set IV exercises challenge students who are excelling and can also be used for extra credit

Master Books Teacher’s Guide

Elementary Algebra Teacher’s Guide Includes:

    • Convenient suggested daily schedule
    • Set III Worksheets for additional student practice
    • Tests (chapter, mid-term, final exam, & alternate test versions)
    • Test Solutions
    • Practical 3-hole punched, perforated pages for ease of use


Video Instruction Contains: Guide your student through Jacobs’ Elementary Algebra with Dr. Callahan’s instructional videos! The video instruction leads your student through the Elementary Algebra text with video lessons for each topic and step-by-step examples.

Free Homework Support!

Dr. Callahan’s Instructional DVD comes with FREE Homework Help email support from AskDrCallahan, making this course an ideal solution for parents and students alike looking to learn geometry while preparing for the ACT, SAT, and future math courses.

      • Approximately 6 hours of content
      • Dr. Callahan selected homework problem
      • Free Homework Help email support from AskDrCallahan
      • Links to our pdf teacher’s guide with syllabus & when to watch videos

CalculatorHomeschool Math - Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus

Scientific CalculatorWe typically use a TI-30, but we sometimes substitute with an equivalent such as a Casio. This calculator is allowed on the ACT. It can be used throughout your student’s academic career and at college.

AskDrCallahan Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Guide by AskDrCallahan:  You do not need to purchase this guide separately if you have the online video course. This guide is included with your online access. The AskDrCallahan Algebra Teacher’s Guide is a PDF download:

      • test grading guide
      • syllabus
      • Dr. Callahan selected homework problem
      • Instructions for watching the video instruction

Common Questions 

Other Course Features:

  • Usable for both self-directed students and teachers & students
  • Recommended for: 9th Grade / 1 Credit

Sample videos from the course


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1 review for Algebra Solutions Manual

  1. Dale Callahan

    Worth the Price 5 Star Review
    Posted by Cyndi A. on 4th May 2011

    We plodded through part of the year without this resource going back and forth between the back of the textbook and the teacher’s guide for the solutions. I really can’t express how much we disliked that process. So, when this came out, we jumped on it. This solutions manual was worth its weight in gold for the convenience it brought us checking our son’s work.

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