Calculus 1 – Everything You Need

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Calculus 1 Textbook (USED)

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Calculus Solutions Manual (USED)

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Calculus Online Course - Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the online Calculus video instruction for use with our Calculus Everything You Need course.


Career Planning Course: How to Find Your Path to Doing the Work You Love

This course can be used as a homeschool elective or for anyone wanting to plan their future. It will help you or your student decide the next steps for their career. This one-semester course will explore how your student's unique skills and interests can lead to a fulfilling way to earn a living.

In the course, they will learn how to:

  • Find their unique calling.
  • Find ways they can turn their skills and hobbies into a way to make a living.
  • Research to find others who are doing work they would love to do.
  • Do reverse interviews and uncover hidden job opportunities.

Unlike other career assessment tools, Career Planning does not limit your options to just the typical careers and profiles.

With the world today, we have many options. Why be limited to a list of boring jobs.



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The AskDrCallahan calculus video course is the perfect tool for homeschool, public, private, engineering academy, STEM, or college students to learn the fundamentals of Calculus 1.

Required to take the course and included in this package


Calculus Teaching Videos:  Videos of course content – Approximately 6.5 hours of video following the textbook. Includes the tests, the test grading guide, and the syllabus.

Textbook Homeschool Calculus - high school math - Calculus by Stewart

Calculus Textbook (USED):  This calculus textbook by James Stewart is used in many universities for Calculus 1-3 courses. We will be covering Chapters 1-4 in this course, which are the normal sections for Calculus 1 at university.   The textbook is required for the course. ISBN: 0534377181. We offer this book used due to the high price of new college textbooks.

Solutions Manual Homeschool Calculus - high school math - Calculus Solutions Manual - Stewart

Student Solutions Manual for Stewart’s Calculus (USED): Contains answers to the odd problems in the textbook. We are using the 2nd ed by Cole – USED. ISBN: 0534379230. We offer this book used due to the high price of new college textbooks.

Teacher’s Guide, Syllabus and Tests

Teacher’s Guide: Our Teacher’s Guide is available as a free PDF, click here,  and also online with the purchase of our Calculus Teaching Videos.

Additional Recommended Resources

Graphing Calculator

Currently out of stock.  For our students that need a graphing tool for use on the ACT/SAT exams we recommend the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator.  Click on the name to purchase.  This calculator is allowed on the ACT/SAT exams. Take a calculator to the exam that you are familiar with using.

Sample Course Video

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