College and Career Planning


A mixture of a high school counselor, career coach, entrepreneur, and college professor to help guide your student (or you) through the many opportunities to serve the world with their gifts while earning a great living.


College and Career Planning – Developing a Plan for Success

“I want to prepare my student for more than college! I want to prepare them to find a path they will love and where they can serve and prosper.”
This one Semester Course will walk your student through a path to prosperity.

What You Will Learn

Too often we get caught up in college admissions. We spend so much time chasing college, we think that college is the goal, but it is not. College is a tool to achieve a goal. But what if your goal is not clear?

Imagine this:

  • Most entering college have no idea of what they really want to do because they have little exposure to the world. Did you know?
  • As parents, we can only guide them from what we know. But do we know the path that they need?
  • How can we help our students take their unique talents and turn them into a career?

How the Course Works:

  • Online video course
  • One semester – 13 Weeks of activity

What You Get

  • Online access to the course materials.
  • Email access to Dr. Callahan for questions.
  • Access to a private forum to participate with others learning from the same process.

Outline of topics

  • Introduction – Background on the subject and using the course.
  • Toolbox – What you need to get started.
  • Finding Your Calling – Developing career path ideas from your unique skills.
  • Uncovering Possibilities – What career paths might fit your calling.
  • Uncovering More Hidden Possibilities – Expanding your ideas to explore.
  • Drilling Down – Picking the right ideas to explore further.
  • Setting up LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the tool used in industry. How to set it up and use it now.
  • Who is Living Your Dream? – Finding out who is already doing your career.
  • Seeking Wise Counsel – Learning from the road of experience.
  • Worries and Concerns – Are you limiting your future? What if you are wrong?
  • Developing a Plan – How to map your career path to a college or educational path.
  • Not so Final Thoughts – What to do from here.


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