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Discovering the Entrepreneur in You will allow you to experience the thrill of being in business for yourself!
This course will teach the basic principles of business by showing you how to really do it with a hands-on, down to earth approach. No academic theories, definitions, or busywork that is not related to profits. Instead, a real approach to start and grow a business that serves others and allows you to realize YOUR calling.

From this course the student will learn about how businesses get started, how they get funded, how to find products and services to sell, and how to market your products and services. Also covered are the basic principles of business bookkeeping and the payment of taxes.

Why is this course being offered by Dr. Callahan?

“This course has spun out of my own entrepreneurial ventures as well as my teaching entrepreneurship in an executive masters degree program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for the last 8 years. In this entrepreneurial series I work closely with venture capital firms – and the result is about one new company per year founded from the program.

Personally, I have been involved in entrepreneurial ventures since I was in high school – starting with a lawn care service. Since then I have been involved in companies in areas such as video gaming, apparel, wireless technologies, software development, various consultancies, and of course, homeschooling education! These companies have been everything from cash startups to those requiring venture investment.

Recently I have begun to offer this training in various settings – mostly at the request of others. People seem hungry to learn how to do it on their own. In particular, I see a large interest from dads who are looking for guidance to start ventures where they can take their unique talents to serve others while earning a living for the family.”

What will you learn?

  • Finding your Calling
  • Ideas vs Opportunities
  • The Critical Sales Path – doing the right things at the right time
  • Dirty Details
  • The 7 Principles of Moving a Product
  • Getting Noticed without Going Broke
  • Developing a Success Mindset
  • Stepping Stones for Success
  • Answers to common questions

Check out the Podcast and Blog

See Dr. Callahan’s blog at dalecallahan.com or listen to his podcast at Company of One.


“Before [this course] I was blinded by my job” Larry Rudolph, AT&T

“[this course] has lifted the veil and shown me opportunity” Brian Cauble, Founder of Appsolute Genius

“[this material] has been a life changing experience for me. … opened my eyes to the world of business and today I spend my time looking for the value add. I now have the confidence to be a free agent and/or start my own company. [The course] has revolutionized my thinking by providing a framework of knowledge to draw upon. I now feel that the sky is the limit for my career and my future.” Brian Rabon, Braintrust Consulting

Survey responses to the question “What was the most valuable part of the program?”

“Listening to your personal experiences starting a company. Also knowing how to find your target customer. In addition, I liked the brain storming ideas for starting a business. Great book recommendations as well.”

“When I was introduced to the fact that when I dive, I should dive into my passion. Not what other’s think is my best option, or what will get me the most money.”

“Presentation of the logical sequence of the process of evaluating a potential business.”

“Finding your calling – importance of passion / enthusiasm…”

Included With This Course:

  • 7 audio CDs of training
  • Complete Print Transcripts: 80 Pages


Worksheets and slides from each session jam-packed with the key essentials of getting started.
Bonus material includes:

List of recommended reading materials that are real and relevant to entrepreneurship.


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