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Geometry Teachers Guide by AskDrCallahan. (This is a PDF download only.)

This teacher’s guide contains a different syllabus from the Teacher’s Guide written by Master Books.

Contains two syllabus Options:

(NOTE: Choose One Syllabus)

Choose the syllabus that best suits your learning and organizational style, as well as your cover requirements. They both cover the same material but at different paces and different layouts. Use one or the other. You don’t need both.

1) The Daily Syllabus has the work broken down by the day. It gives instructions on what to do each day of the week for 4 nine-week periods or 36 weeks. This syllabus is naturally longer as it saves you the time and trouble of deciding what to do each day. Students find this syllabus useful if they want to work on math every day and have the distribution of work already laid out in a five-day per week format.

2) The Weekly Syllabus has the same work as Option 1 but is broken down by the week for 24 weeks. It gives instructions on what to cover each week, but allows you to decide what days you will work on it. It is more concise while having the same material and problems assigned. Some students find this syllabus useful as they may only do math 2-3 days a week but want to cover the same material. Other students need to finish quicker than 36 weeks (often in one semester) and this syllabus serves them well.

Use the syllabus that best suits your student’s learning style, organization preference, or timing needs. Either way, the completed course is worth 1 high school credit. The amount of time to completion (36 weeks, 24 weeks, or even one semester) does not impact the credit value of the course. The amount of work and learning is worth one high school credit.

If you purchased our ONLINE VIDEO Subscription, this PDF is included for FREE inside the online course. If you have DVDs purchased from us or are working through Jacobs’ book without videos, you will benefit from our carefully selected problem assignments and grading guide.

The AskDrCallahan Geometry Teacher’s Guide is a PDF download, included FREE inside your Online Video Purchase.


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