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Geometry Designed for Understanding

Jacobs’ Geometry utilizes a clear, conversational, engaging approach to teach your student the concepts, principles, and application of Geometry through practical, real-life application! Dr. Callahan guides your student through Harold Jacobs’ Geometry, enabling them to discover the concepts & their applications for themselves in order to develop an understanding of the principles that goes beyond simple memorization to pass a test.

Guide Your Student Through with Video Instruction!

Dr. Callahan’s instructional videos guide your students through Jacobs’ Geometry in a light-hearted, down to earth style. As a longtime university professor, homeschool dad, and math teacher for homeschool groups, Dr. Callahan has plenty of experience with what Geometry concepts students need to know, what they find difficult, and knows how to explain both well.

Free Homework Support!

Dr. Callahan’s Instructional videos come with FREE Homework Help email support from AskDrCallahan, making this course an ideal solution for parents and students alike looking to learn geometry while preparing for the ACT, SAT, and future math courses.

AskDrCallahan Teacher’s Guide Video Instruction and Selected Problems Syllabus

Geometry Teacher’s Guide by AskDrCallahan: Contains a syllabus used by Dr. Callahan which has a week by week plan for which videos to watch and specific problems assigned by Dr. Callahan. Includes a test grading guide that makes it easier for the teacher to grade and helps the student learn from their mistakes. Do not purchase if you have the online video course. This guide is included inside your video access.

Required to take the course and included in this package


Geometry Teaching Videos: Approximately 4 hours of video instruction following the Jacobs textbook.

TextbookJacobs Geometry

.Harold Jacobs’ Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding has proven its ability to guide students towards success and is still the choice of top teachers and schools. The unique instructional method within Jacobs’ Geometry ensures your student understands both the why and how of Geometry and establishes a strong foundation for higher math & science courses. If your student is planning for college or a STEM career, Jacobs’ Geometry ensures they are equipped with the tools they need to succeed!

Master’s Books Teacher’s Guide

Geometry Teacher’s Guide by Jacobs: Contains 1) daily schedule with space to record grades, 2) chapter, mid-term, and final tests for student assessment, and 3) answer keys for all tests utilized in the course.

Solutions Manual

Geometry Solutions Manual: Provides answers to problems, explaining and illustrating the process of the equations, as well as identifying the answers for all exercises in the course, including mid-term and final reviews.

Drawing Kit

Jacob's Geometry Homeschool Math
Geometry Kit

Geometry Drawing Kit: Geometry drawing kit is used for drawing diagrams as required in the textbook. Includes a compass, protractor, ruler, and triangles as needed for the construction problems. The drawing kit will be the one pictures or equivalent.

Scientific CalculatorHomeschool Math - Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus

Scientific CalculatorWe typically use a TI-30, but we sometimes substitute with an equivalent such as a Casio. This calculator is allowed on the ACT. It can be used throughout your student’s academic career and at college.

Common Questions

Sample Videos from the Course


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