Geometry – Build Your Own Bundle

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The AskDrCallahan geometry video course is the perfect tool for homeschool or other self-driven students to cover high school geometry. The course provides a solution for parents and students looking for a solution to learning geometry and preparing them for algebra II and trigonometry, the ACT, SAT, and future math success. The student is guided through the Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding textbook by Harold Jacobs with video lessons covering each topic and working examples as needed.

Course includes everything needed for mom and student alike. The course is taught in a light hearted style, focused on understanding the concepts of geometry and not a ton of math-speak.

Required to take the course (4 items)


#1 Geometry DVDs: Videos of course content - Approximately 12 hours of video following the textbook. For those using the DVDs, the layout per DVD is as below:
  • Disk 1 - Contains the Geometry Teachers Guide. These are PDF files to be used on your computer. They can be printed as needed. Download a pdf copy of the Teacher's Guide below.
  • Disk 2 - DVD covers the introduction
  • Disk 3 - DVD covers chapter 1.1 to 2.6
  • Disk 4 - DVD covers chapter 3.1 to 5.4
  • Disk 5 - DVD covers chapter 6.1 to 10.6
  • Disk 6 - DVD covers chapter 11.1 to 15.7

#2 Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding Textbook: Sample of Jacobs Geometry Chapter 2 Lesson1. See a sample of Jacobs Geometry Chapter 7 Lesson 1.

#3 Geometry Teacher’s Guide by Jacobs: Contains 1) daily schedule with space to record grades, 2) chapter, mid-term, and final tests for student assessment, and 3) answer keys for all tests utilized in the course. (This item replaces the previous Test Bank)

#4 Geometry Solutions Manual: Provides answers to problems, explaining and illustrating the process of the equations, as well as identifying the answers for all exercises in the course, including mid-term and final reviews.


Optional Items

Geometry Teacher’s Guide by AskDrCallahan: Contains a syllabus used by Dr. Callahan which has a week by week plan for which videos to watch and which problems to work. Includes Dr. Callahan's test grading guide that makes it easier for the teacher to grade and helps the student learn from their mistakes. You may download this as PDF here. Geometry Teacher's Guide Download - Version 6 Updated on 6/1/15.

Geometry Drawing Kit:  Geometry drawing kit is used for drawing diagrams as required in the textbook. Set is made by Staedtler company - the same drawing tools used by architects and artists. Includes a compass, protractor, ruler, two triangles, pencil, lead, and an eraser.

Scientific CalculatorWe typically use a TI-30, but we sometimes substitute with an equivalent such as a Casio. This calculator is allowed on the ACT. It can be used throughout your student's academic career and at college.

Common Questions

Sample Videos from the Course



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