How Money Works. Consumer Economics. COMING SOON!

Learn how money really works. The course will challenge your student’s understanding of money and wealth while growing their biblical view of both.

Covering the economy, income, budgeting, taxes, insurance, banking, capitalism, gold standard, cryptocurrency, investing, and so much more with “Who in History”, Biblical application, and personal application.

Typically two weeks per chapter course with 18 chapters. (Coming soon)



A High School level guide for money, work, and success using God’s principles and common sense to prepare the student for the World of Work. An excellent Consumer Economics course for homeschooled high schoolers, but also great for private and public schooled teens. Prepare your high schooler for the real world with this course covering taxes, income, budgeting, insurance, banking, investing, and so much more! Set them up for financial wins and security before they make those hard and long mistakes in money.

Delivering the Truth About Money and Work Through the Lens of the Bible

Learn how money really works. The course will challenge your understanding of money, and wealth while growing your biblical view of both.

“How Money Works. Timothy’s Journey in Consumer Economics” is written as an engaging story, with the main character searching to learn how to become successful in money and business. His good friend sends him to what looks like a small company run by a man and a woman who engage him, challenge his assumptions about money, business, life, and truth, while guiding him down a path of assignments that will help him develop the correct perspective on money and success.

This 18 chapter course was developed by Dr. Dale Callahan and his son, Daniel Callahan, to be accomplished in 36 weeks to meet most home school schedules.


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