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Algebra 1 Ch2.5 #7

Question from Nathan:

Lesson 5 Chapter 2 page 93 number 7.  I do not understand the answer to a and b and my mom cannot explain it to me.  Difference to me is subtraction not multiplication and the answer said it is the difference between successive values of Y on a.

Answer from Cassidy Cash:

Yes, “difference” does mean subtraction. Notice that all of the y values are 3 more than the one before.

8-5 = 3

11-8 = 3

14-11 = 3

And it would be that way on throughout the table, were you to extend the x values past three. That is what it means by “the difference between successive values of y”, meaning that if you take each y value and subtract it from the y-value following it, then you will get 3.

Letter b is very very basic, in that it just wants you to recognize that the 5 is paired up with the 0. It is teaching you to understand that the y-values are determined by whatever the x value was for that point. Since x was zero, y was 5. That is all it is asking for that one.

Does this help? God Bless, Cassidy Cash