“Your program has been extremely helpful, thank you!”

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“Much appreciated! We are really grateful for your math courses and the help they have given us.”

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“My daughter excelled in your College Algebra with Trig course. Thank you for helping this homeschooling momma! We plan to purchase the Calculus course from you in a couple of weeks. We appreciate you!”

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“Thank you so much!! I just purchased the lifetime course! We appreciate your help to figure this out! I think we just might survive (and thrive!) geometry!! Thank you again so much for all your help! My son is understanding geometry so much better! Thank you again! You all are amazing!!”

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“Your Algebra course is quite literally what I wish I had when I went to school and it all looked Chinese to me…
I want to give you the respect and recognition you deserve for putting that together.”

George K. USA

“I just wanted to give a shout out to you! We are in week #2 of Geometry and both my boys are enjoying it, citing it as the highlight of school on most days. We made a change in curriculum this year. It was the most difficult decision for me both because there are so many options out there and because my boys are mathy. None of my home school mom friends were using the Jacobs book or Dr. Callahan’s videos, so I was sort of taking a leap myself into uncharted waters. I am thrilled thus far with that decision! Thanks for being approachable and for the videos.”

Barb in Wyoming

“My son is completing Forrester’s All 2 with Trig this year. As a former automotive crash safety engineer, I have been his instructor for the material. However, I purchased your videos as a crutch for me. I love to reference your videos when we hit a chapter full of antiquated programming problems (I like to see how you have updated the problems) or when my own instruction isn’t connecting (I come to your videos for fresh insight into how to present the material when my own approach isn’t connecting). As such your program has been a huge blessing to us. Thank you.”

Alison in USA

“My son has completed your high school math courses, Algebra through Calculus. We absolutely loved them! He plans to be a biology/chemistry major in college with hopes of medical school after finishing an undergraduate degree.

Libby in Missouri

“She is enjoying math again!! PTL!!!”

Tish in Alabama

“I love your company’s story of seeing a need and filling it and having the rest of the family involved! Living in Wyoming, we will enjoy hearing your southern accent in geometry this year :). “

Barb in Wyoming

“Awesome!! The extra help and teacher/student guidance you guys provide is so helpful!! I plan on using your programs all the way through high school for all 3 of my kids.”

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Thank you so much for developing these courses. So far both my students (one in Algebra and one in Algebra II/Trig) are doing well and learning a lot.

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Thanks so much for this explanation. It really helped! I’m so thankful we can email for help!!!

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Thank you so much! So appreciate your prompt reply! The videos have been a big help!

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Hi there! I wanted to let you know that we are REALLY enjoying the Algebra 2 course! It’s exactly what we needed and so easy to follow and understand.

Jenny in Indiana

We just finished our first two weeks of geometry and I LOVE the grading sheet. It takes all debate between me and my student off the table – it’s right or it isn’t. No partial credit arguing. Also I’m a big fan of the “correct and earn more points” system – lots of incentive to do corrections!
Thank you for this concrete help!

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“Thank you. My daughter is doing well in the program. Thanks so much… it’s the first time in so many years!”

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“Algebra is like a different subject now. We are finally starting to pick up the progress a bit.  And there are no tears or arguing.”

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This is SOOOO helpful and an answer to prayer. I’m loving what I see. I feel like we just figured out math for my family for the next 15ish years. LOL.
Ya’ll better not go anywhere 🙂

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Rachelle in Michigan

“I have to say that the AskDrCallhan DVD courses my daughter used from you were the best choice I could have made for her. Each course very well done and gave her a consistent pattern of learning a subject I would not have been able to teach her. Looking back, I would be very hesitant to homeschool high school if it were not for your curriculum as Math is my weak subject. I also appreciated Dr. Callhan answering the phone and taking time to answer all my questions in the past. Thank you so much!”

Lisa in Greenville, Wisconsin

“Thanks, Dr. Callahan, for your great Math curriculum. You were always so quick to answer when my daughter needed help. She is graduating from high school, going to Trinity University on a nice scholarship, and majoring in Economics, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. smile emoticon.”

Marian, homeschool mom

“My son took your geometry through calculus 2 courses. He just finished up undergraduate school at Hope College. He was awarded the senior prize in engineering. He will be attending the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in the fall for their Ph.D. program in chemical engineering. Thanks for shaping his efforts early on. He is the first of five, so we still press on with the math here at home.”


“Thank you for being a blessing all these years of homeschooling. We enjoyed and still promote your math programs as they met our children where they were (and where I was lacking) and explained concepts so very clearly and concisely.”

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