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We ordered your Geometry from Veritas Press. Do we have everything we need?

Question from Deborah:

Greetings! I want to begin first to thank you for your excellent math curriculum!  My son and husband just completed a successful home-schooling year with your DVD Algebra math program.

For this year, we ordered from Veritas your Geometry DVD program for Geometry: Seeing, Doing and Understanding.   Besides the DVD and textbook, we also have the  Enhanced Teacher’s Guide and the Test Bank.  Do we have all that we need for the Geometry program? Last year, we ordered book containing all of the solutions for the Algebra problems.  Are all of the solutions for the Geometry problems found in the materials we already have, or is there a book that we could order separately that contains all of the solutions? Thank you for your help!

Answer from Cassidy Cash:

You have almost everything you need! You will need to add a drawing kit – compass and protractor. You can purchase the kit at most any store that carries school or office supplies. You can also purchase from us at

Geometry Kit
Geometry Kit


One quick note: We do not sell the tests that come with the textbank, but we will help you with them if you choose to use them throughout the course. We wrote our own test for the course, and they come inside the AskDrCallahan Geometry Teachers Guide. That is different from the Enhanced Teachers Guide.

The Enhanced Teachers Guide was written by the same publisher as the textbook, and is essentially the solutions manual, —and YES it does contain solutions to every problem.

If you are wanting to follow the AskDrCallahan program for the course, you will need to use our Teachers Guide. That document comes in pdf form on the first disk of the DVD set you have already purchased, so if you are ok printing your own, there is no need to purchase anything else, I just wanted to be sure you knew that distinction. (we sell hard copies of the Teachers Guide as well if you ever decide you want that, but there is no difference between what we mail you and what you print yourself from the DVDs, so it really about what format you want).

I am so glad you are enjoying our programs!  Please let us know if we can help you with anything as you move through Geometry.

God Bless, Cassidy Cash