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Where is the Geometry DVD Teacher Guide & Syllabus Download?

Question from Kim:

I bought the full Geometry DVD program, It reads on the receipt that there would be a download area on the website, I do not see that, I wanted to see if there have been any changes to the teacher’s key, and I need to download the syllabus. Thanks

Answer from Lea:

The syllabus is in the Teacher’s Guide. There are a couple of options that will get you to that info.  Here they are:

1) You can go to this page

Geometry Bundle DVD Homeschool Math
Geometry Bundle DVD Homeschool Math

And scroll down until you see the listing below. Way to the right is a link to the Teacher’s Guide. Teacher’s Guide (Tests, Syllabus, and Answer Keys)


2) You also have the pdf file on the first disk in your DVD set. You can view or print it from your computer.

Hope this helps,